bbits is a small, innovative, fast growing company.

Our mission statement

To grow our business through engaging and developing talented, committed people with an innovative and agile approach. We listen to our customers to provide the best mobile and cloud digital tools for accurate data capture, reporting and delivery of information.

We treat our clients, employees and stakeholders in a fair, friendly and honest way. Integrity is our watch word. We believe through our endeavours we will help save money and make every community a cleaner, safer and happier place to live.

The Team

Ian Blackburn


Made his first money in software writing a version of Pacman for the TRS-80. TRS-80! That ten quid didn’t go far though, so he gave up and let everyone else do the work for him. Kind, generous, intelligent, good-looking man. Signs the paycheques.

Paul Caley


Centre of the operation. Banned from his local chip shop because he has to have a finger in every pie. Originally from the Isle of Man so has three legs, no tail, and hates paying tax.

Andy Hill


When he's not on the golf course, or on a grand tour of Europe, or at a black-tie dinner, or entertaining at a major sports event, you'll find him working incredibly hard in his office. Unless he's at lunch. And except in the afternoons and all day on Friday of course, when he's playing golf. It's a tough gig, Finance Director.

Ben Dean


Like all coders, Ben takes an hour to eat his Alphabetti Spaghetti because he has to finish all the 'A's before starting the 'B’s and so on. Tells jokes like, "There are 10 kinds of people, those who know binary and those who don’t." We once gave him Numberetti so that he could finish his lunch whilst it was still warm. Big mistake. Developers don’t like sudden changes to their routines.

Katie Macdonald


Knows where everything is. If they’d asked Katie to find the Higgs-Boson they could have saved an awful lot of money. Talks a bit like the Queen.

Gareth McGovern


Also known as 'The Professor' (mostly because he can spell 'University' correctly), Gareth has an uncanny knack of spotting and solving potential issues before they occur. This could be because he is intelligent, diligent and hardworking - unusual in IT, but possible. However we think it's because he rides his motorbike so fast that he can move backwards and forwards in time. Is this, perhaps, why he's barred from all of the local bookies?

Helen Taylor


Tester/Support. The eternal battle of good and evil is as nothing when compared to testers v. developers. None shall pass, excepting applications which have survived the extensive automated testing routine known popularly as 'Helen's House of Pain'. In truth of course Helen is lovely - unless you're a bit casual with your code, but then that goes without saying.